Search Engine
Optimization Services

We tailor our services to meet your needs. You tell us your budget and goals, then we build a package of services and deliverables that offer the highest impact for your budget.


Assess the current state of your digital marketing and growth initiatives. Define your future state goals and success metrics. Identify gaps and opportunities.

  • Create or Define KPIs
  • Site Audit
  • Content & Keyword Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Backlink Audit
  • Duplicate Content Audit


Build a strategy that identifies quick, high-impact wins and long-term initiatives to increase ROI, and meet your growth goals.

  • Creation of Prioritized SEO Roadmap


Implement short and long-term strategic initiatives. Restructure and optimize current activities.

  • Content Building / Authority Strategy Implementation
  • Site Architecture and Technical Restructuring
  • Content and Keyword Restructuring
  • Page-Level SEO Changes based on Best Practices
  • External Link Optimization


Test and optimize. Measure progress against success metrics. Focus on automation, ROI, and scale.

Search Engine Marketing Experience

  • 6+ years of SEO experience.
  • Audited and optimized 5+ eCommerce sites, and 3 international B2B sites (some with over 1.5 million pages).
  • Helped plan and oversee several major website migrations for minimal SEO impact.
  • Creating Prioritized SEO Roadmap and Backlinking Authority Strategy for successful health-tech company.